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$400.00 Released July, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Hands-Free Blackberry Control in the car. High level of security (256 bit AES). Access to content.

The Cons:Email replies are an mp3 voicenote attachment, no speech-to-text yet. (To be fair, nobody has anything that does speech-to-text in the car). Currently only works with Blackberry. Menus are confusing and hard to use.

iLane is an in-car communications device designed and built by Waterloo, Ontario based Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS). The device allows the user to access their Blackberry smartphone's features entirely hands-free through a Bluetooth headset.

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iLane allows the user to manage phone calls, text messages, emails, appointments from their Blackberry while keeping their attention on driving through a revolutionary text-to-speech system that will read content from the Blackberry aloud to the user, and speech recognition that allows the user to command the iLane using only their voice.

iLane can also read online content such as news and weather reports and more, via a secure connection from the IMS server over the Blackberry wireless network.

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    Hands-Free Blackberry Control in the car

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    High level of security (256 bit AES)

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    Access to content

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    More features and security than every similar product

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    Email replies are an mp3 voicenote attachment, no speech-to-text yet. (To be fair, nobody has anything that does speech-to-text in the car)

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    Currently only works with Blackberry

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    Menus are confusing and hard to use

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    Cell phone companies are starting to provide similar functionality

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    Expensive buy for something that doesn't do anything by itself.

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    Does not provide any new enhancements to already available functions from the phone

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    More distraction while driving

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Yosef: #ilane I'm totally spoiled by iLane.

Not only will it notify you of emails, text messages and appointments in the car, but it will read them to you as well, and is controlled entirely through voice commands.

I spend a large amount of my time in the car and on the road, and usually this was time when I couldn't be very productive. Previously I could listen to my radio or iPod and if I needed news or weather information, I'd have to tune into the local radio station and wait.

Enter iLane. Now I can clear my inbox, reply to emails, get on-demand news and weather content and more, without taking my eyes off the road or my hands off the wheel. For me, this means never worrying about being bored in traffic, or behind on work. Aug 29, 10
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